Conferenza sulla sicurezza Regionale e Cooperazione di Polizia sul tema "Ricostruzione della Polizia in Afghanistan - Un approccio regionale - Doha (Qatar) 18-19 maggio 2004 PDF Stampa E-mail

Mr Chairman,
Dear Ministers and colleagues,

First of all let me express my warm thanks to the host country , and in particular to Minister Al-Thani.

We are here today to reaffirm our joint commitment to the establishment of a fully functioning and democratic state in Afghanistan, and to examine one of the most important facets of this enterprise – the reconstruction of an efficient police force in the Country. The task is very demanding, but we are confident that the Afghan Government will succeed in this endeavour, with the assistance of the international community, and Germany in particular as the relevant lead nation for police reform.

Mr Chairman,

The Italian Government is deeply committed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan: in Berlin we have pledged 140 million Euros for the period from 2004 to 2006. In particular, since the Tokyo Conference of 2002 we are committed to the security of the Afghan State, in our capacity of lead nation for the reform of justice.

I will mention only some of the results already achieved:

- the Interim Criminal Procedure Code, a simplified text designed to make the work of the criminal police and judges easier and compliant with international human rights; the Code has been adopted by the Afghan Government;
- training courses for judges, lawyers and prosecutors, both young and senior, men and women, which will permit to have soon a critical mass of around 600 professionals to judge the criminals;
- the renovation of the headquarters of Central Court of Appeal in Kabul

Mr Chairman,

Of course, the inter-relation between these efforts and those of the German lead are many, and deep, because they both are related to the crucial aspect of the security in its broad sense.

Italy is already cooperating on several aspects of the reconstruction of the Afghan police forces. In the course of our training programs, several Afghan police officers and staff working in the area of criminal justice and counter narcotics are being instructed in order to increase their knowledge of criminal laws; some high ranking officers are taking part in the training courses on the Interim criminal procedure code, to become trainers for other police officers and personnel. And finally, the Italian ISAF forces, specialized in close protection, are conducting the training of 550 VIP bodyguards for the Afghan 10th Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

Moreover, in the framework of the Italian longstanding efforts for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Afghanistan, we are considering the possibility of organizing and financing specialised courses conducted by Italian Carabinieri, for police officers to be employed in this field. Similarly, we plan to expand our training activities to the field of anti- narcotics operations through the assistance of the Italian Ministry of Interior.

Members of the Italian delegation are here to discuss in detail these and other similar initiatives.


All projects are being discussed and planned in the framework of the Trilateral Cooperation between Italy, Germany and the UK, meant to increase the coordination of our respective activities in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan. Obviously, the reform of the justice system and of the police as well as the fight against the drug trafficking, are all different aspects of the same goal, the restoration of the rule of law all over the Country through the re-establishment of Afghanistan as a fully functioning State. These are preconditions for the reconstruction of Afghanistan; this will remain our main target after the elections of next autumn, which will fulfil the last step of the Bonn Agreement.